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The concept of Microteatro por Dinero was born in Madrid, where 50 artists including directors, authors and actors presented this innovative theatrical project in an old brothel on Calle Ballesta, in the heart of the Malasaña neighborhood. The space was ceded by the TriBall association to Miguel Alcantud, ideologue and coordinator of the project.

en el año


Microtheater arrived at Centro Cultural Español in Miami thanks to the Spanish entrepreneur Jorge Monje. This unique and innovative project became one of the permanent programs of our Center. In addition to being an important source of work for many local artists, Microtheater Miami has inspired the way of presenting theatrical proposals in South Florida. We are the only place where short theater plays are performed in shipping containers.


How does Microtheatre work?

7 plays per season

Each one of the plays is performed 5 times per night. We are open Thursday thru Saturday

For all Audiences

Some of our plays are rated R. But everyone is welcome to our place.

Creative environment

Drink, eat, socialize and of course: enjoy our plays in a nice environment.

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