Do you want to be part of Microtheater Miami?

If you are into arts, you are motivated, like team work and overall… you love theater. Are you a playwright or an actor?
We’d be happy to hear from you!


Open Calls for Microtheater Miami with deadline dates for submission. *In parenthesis are the performing dates at Microtheater Miami.


Seeking original 15 minute plays or musicals inspired by or related to the following themes: 

Theme:  Peace, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness….because we all want to feel good.

Submission Deadline: June 3rd  (selected plays perform July 4th to August 4th 2019). 

Theme:  Superurbansthe art of living in our ever growing big cities.  How is the big-city life affecting you?  

Submission Deadline: June 24th  (selected plays perform  August 8th to September 8th 2019). 

Objective 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities – United Nations


  • Half of humanity – 3.5 billion people – lives in cities today and 5 billion people are projected to live in cities by 2030.
  • 95 per cent of urban expansion in the next decades will take place in developing world
  • 883 million people live in slums today and most them are found in Eastern and South-Eastern Asia.
  • The world’s cities occupy just 3 per cent of the Earth’s land, but account for 60-80 per cent of energy consumption and 75 per cent of carbon emissions.
  • Rapid urbanization is exerting pressure on fresh water supplies, sewage, the living environment, and public health
  • As of 2016, 90% of urban dwellers have been breathing unsafe air, resulting in 4.2 million deaths due to ambient air pollution. More than half of the global urban population were exposed to air pollution levels at least 2.5 times higher than the safety standard. 

Theme:  Micromusicals….open theme as long as there is singing and music!  

Submission Deadline: July 29th  (selected plays perform September 12th to October 13th  2019). 

The playwright has absolute freedom of approach and vision but always related to the theme for the season. 
Playwrights based outside of Miami are encouraged to submit; if needed, we can assist with procuring a production company and cast.  
Those interested should send their plays or musicals  in English or Spanish.
The play needs to be  fifteen minutes
All works will be subject to an evaluation for selection by our literary committee.  

The shows will perform at Microtheater Miami, located in the patio of the CCEMiami in the dates indicated from Thursday through Sunday.
The first page of the attached document should have the title of the play, name, phone and e-mail of the playwright and indicate if the play has a director or cast attached. 
The author must have the absolute rights of intellectual property, either in its original version or adaptation. 

Plays must be original and without prior performances in Miami. 
Texts should be sent in Word or PDF format to to


Selected plays will be notified.

Texts that are sent after the deadline and those that are not sent to the e-mail specified will not be considered for selection.

If you are a theater director please send us your pdf resumé with video or/and pictures of your latest works with a proposal to with the subject “Director_En Microtheater Miami”. Videos must be sent through youtube links.

Send us your resumé updated with two headshot pictures and a demo-reel if you have it to with the subject “Actor Microtheater Miami”. Your resumé must be in pdf, the pictures in jpg and the demo-reel should be a youtube link. If you don’t have one we might ask you to come for an audition if we are interested.

Currently seeking actors who can perform in English.

Maybe you’re not a star but can still shine at Microtheater. Let us know if there’s something you think you can give or if there’s something we can do for you. We will be happy to listen! Mail us to

If you have a foodtruck and want to promote your business

If you are an artist and want to paint at Microtheater Miami

If you want to celebrate a private party at our Patio


Microtheater Miami is a theatrical convention consisting of works that are less than 15 minutes in length performed in containers that are 20 feet in length for a maximum of 15 spectators.

Each company will be assigned a container, which can be transformed creatively to best suit the needs of the play as long as the property is not damaged.

The works will be evaluated by a committee for selection. If your proposal is accepted, you must report the names of people involved in your production. (Writer, director, set designer, actors etc.).

Each work is presented six to eight times each night.

Prime Time Session: Thursday 8pm -11pm. Friday and Saturday from 8pm -12am

TICKET PRICE: Tickets are $6 per show for the general public and $5 for members of the Cultural Center of Spain.


Single scenes, performances or other exercises will not be accepted. The call is for plays with a corresponding beginning, middle and end. Furthermore, they must be unpublished texts.

Microtheater Miami is a project of the Centro Cultural Español of Miami.