Open Call

If you wish to participate in the project Microtheater Miami by The Cultural Center of Spain, send your proposals to Mayte de la Torre at: [email protected]


  • Those interested should send their texts in English or Spanish.
  • The work should last a maximum of 15 (fifteen) minutes.
  • The works will be subject to an evaluation by our team, who will decide which plays are chosen to be performed at the new venue of Microtheater Miami.
  • The playwright has absolute freedom of approach and vision.
  • We are looking for plays of any genre.
  • Texts should be sent in Word or PDF format. The subject for the e-mail must be: «Microteatrher: name of the theme + name of the author».
  • It is a requirement that the first page of the attached document includes the following information:
    • The title of the play
    • Name of the author
    • E-mail and phone number of the playwright or person in charge of the proposal.
    • Indicate if the play has a director and/ or actors chosen

*For your play to be considered, the author must have the absolute rights of intellectual property, either in its original version or adaptation.



  • Micromusicals.
  • LGBTIQ+.
  • The Five Senses (each play should be dedicated to one sense)
  • Dance with Me (interactive)
  • The World without Social Media
  • Once upon a time in Miami
  • Horror storytelling
  • Plays based on true stories
  • Mythology
  • Superheroes and other Fantastic Creatures
  • Women Directors
  • Climate Change. Expedition to the future